This page provides an index of material relating to Aquitania’s history, which is available on this website. Although this material is accessible from other pages, such as the Articles Index, it has been gathered here so that readers with a particular interest in this ship can locate the Aquitania material easily. On occasion, there will also be identified external links included directing the reader to other websites.

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All-in-all, this book succeeds on every level to bring the reader back to the glory days of ships and ocean travel. A must-have for any ocean liner collector’s book shelf.’

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Aquitania’ – The Cunard Steamship Company (January 2009)

Cunard issued a brochure showcasing Aquitania in the early 1920s.

Aquitania: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (August 2008)

This article examines several questions relating to Aquitania, including some myths about the intended use of her first class grill room.

Aquitania Tourist Third Cabin 1929 (August 2008)

Aquitania emerged from a refit at the beginning of 1929 with an entirely new range of public rooms for tourist third cabin passengers.

Dossier: Aquitania ‘The Grand Old Lady’ (August 2008)

Additional information regarding Aquitania’s service and upkeep that did not make the final version of the Aquitania book.

Aquitania ‘Down The Years’ (February 2008)

This short article examines Aquitania as she was in 1914 and 1938, highlighting several aspects of her accommodation that changed radically over the years.

‘To The Editor…’ (July 2007)

A listing of letters that have been published in various maritime journals. This page will be updated as additional letters are written and published.

RMS Aquitania Captains Page (April 2007)

Intended to be read alongside the listing available as an appendix in the Aquitania book, this is believed to be the most comprehensive documentation of Aquitania’s commanders available.




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