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Olympic, Titanic & Britannic: An Issue of Finance (January 2021) (External Link)

It's widely believed that construction of the three 'Olympic' class ships was made possible by the use of American money - resources from either J. P. Morgan or IMM.  The truth is the opposite.  White Star was not supported by IMM's resources.  IMM was supported by White Star.  Construction was financed through capital raised in the United Kingdom.  This article explains in detail how:

  • White Star financed the ‘Olympic’ class ships and others by borrowing the money from largely United Kingdom-based investors, mortgaging its own fleet;
  • White Star borrowed the money, rather than IMM, to take advantage of its stronger financial position and lower borrowing costs;
  • The new ships provided additional security underlying IMM’s own debt, without increasing the money IMM itself borrowed;
  • Dividends paid by White Star from 1908 to 1912 helped IMM meet its debt interest payments.

It was first published in the Titanic International Society’s Voyage July 2020: Pages 135-39.

Britannic: The Length and Breadth of the Ship (November 2020)

A longstanding myth about Britannic is that she was longer than her sisters, with an overall length of 903 feet. This is not correct and the evidence we have is very clear that she was the same length as her older sister ships.  This article provides an analysis of the evidence about her length and discusses the reasons her beadth was increased.  It was first published in the Titanic Historical Society’s Titanic Commutator February 2020: Pages 171-76.

Olympic & Titanic: Refining A Design (April 2020)

An article discussing several minor refinements to Titanic's design based on experience with Olympic (similar changes were then incorporated into Olympic and Britannic).  It is a greatly expanded version of an article originally made available on the Titanic Research & Modelling Association (TRMA) website in 2005, which published information about these changes for the first time.  This expanded article appeared in the British Titanic Society journal Atlantic Daily Bulletin in December 2019.

HMHS Britannic: A Mystery of Numbers   (February 2020)

This article discusses Britannic's official number, looking at the evidence that she was allocated both the number 'G.608' and 'G.618' during the different phases of her service as a hospital ship.  It was published originally in the Titanic Historical Society journal Titanic Commutator in 2008 and has been reproduced as it was originally written, with an additional introductory note.

Titanic: Allegations & Evidence (August 2016)

This article discusses a number of questionable claims made about Titanic in recent years, including unsubstantiated claims of deliberately flawed construction  It was published originally in the Titanic International Society journal Voyage in December 2015.

Britannic Hospital Ship Voyage Chronology: 1915-16 (January 2012)

A full chronology of Britannic’s service as a hospital ship, including the voyages she made and each port of call, from her maiden voyage in December 1915 until she foundered in November 1916.

Britannic Hospital Ship Plans, 1916 (January 2012)

Cyril Codus’ remarkable depiction of Britannic as she appeared in hospital ship service, including an aerial view of the ship’s boat and upper decks.

Britannic: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (February 2011)

Several questions about Britannic are examined and the answers given. How long was Britannic? Was she originally going to be called Gigantic? And what was her identification number as a hospital ship?

Dossier: Gigantic (March 2008)

The ongoing debate regarding the third sister’s name is covered in a number of new articles, which analyse recent research into the issue. It provides a link to order a copy of ‘The Gigantic Question,’ an extensive article by Mark Chirnside and Paul Lee, published in the Titanic Historical Society’s Titanic Commutator 2008: Volume 31 Number 180: Pages 181-92.

‘To The Editor…’ (July 2007)

A listing of letters that have been published in various maritime journals. This page will be updated as additional letters are written and published.

HMHS Britannic Officers’ Appointments (December 2005)

This provides the most complete and up-to-date listing of Britannic’s officers (including the dates of their appointments) available, as well as highlighting Second Officer Brocklebank’s service onboard throughout 1915-16.





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