You are invited to read the most substantial, critical analysis of the Robin Gardiner conspiracy theory available online. In a paper prepared to academic standards, it was originally written by Mark Chirnside while he was studying for his degree in History & Politics. As such, it was accepted as historically accurate and balanced by a team of independent examiners – receiving a very good grade.

The conspiracy theory has, rightly, been universally dismissed by peer-recognised researchers of the Titanic disaster, yet it is precisely by their detailed analysis of the claims made and the evidence – or lack thereof – to substantiate them that a well-informed judgement can be made as to any theory’s credibility. Any theory should be judged on its merits and the evidence available to support it, and in the case of the conspiracy theory the more it is analysed the more flaws are apparent.

Since the dissertation was subject to strict word limits, it is a discussion of the most pertinent points and should not be considered as an exhaustive study. Although it was known, as of 2006, that author Robin Gardiner was working on another book (which will presumably bring the conspiracy theory ‘up to date’ from his point of view), at the time of writing the most recent pro-conspiracy text available was Gardiner’s 1998 book entitled Titanic: The Ship That Never Sank? It is for that reason that all references, and analyses, relate to this book.

Preparatory work began in January 2005. The final draft was cut down and was around one hundred words below the maximum limit above which work would be rejected. The contents of the three chapters were chosen as follows: firstly, an analysis of the damage incurred by the Olympic during the Hawke collision; secondly, a discussion of Gardiner’s methodology focusing on both the reliability of the evidence cited and the methods used to put arguments across; and thirdly, a brief discussion of the vital question of insurance and whether there would have been any financial benefit to such an insurance fraud.

Although the draft of the dissertation on this website contains all the original text and arguments, the title page has been edited to remove personal information; the endnotes have been ‘slimmed down’ enormously to consist of only published and online sources; while the bibliography has largely been retained from the version presented on May 8th 2006. You will need Acrobat Reader to open this as a pdf. file – sincere thanks are due to Kalman Tanito for helping with its preparation:


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