This page provides an index of material relating to Homeric’s history, which is available on this website. Although this material is accessible from other pages, such as the Articles Index, it has been gathered here so that readers with a particular interest in this ship can locate the Homeric material easily. On occasion, there will also be identified external links included directing the reader to other websites.

rms homeric

‘A masterpiece of the shipbuilder’s art, a triumph of technical skill, the Homeric is one of the world’s finest ships, and with her gross tonnage of 34,692, length of 775 feet, and breadth of 83 feet is one of the largest...’


Homeric’s First Class Dining Saloon (August 2008)

Homeric’s ‘palatial’ first class dining saloon stood up to any comparison with her rivals. After ten years of service, in July 1932 the White Star Line issued a plan for cruise passengers.

Dossier: Homeric Interior (February 2008)

Although a smaller vessel than her running mates, Homeric’s interiors were magnificent. Period deckplans and a few illustrations provide an interesting glimpse inside.



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